• Outcome of the return (Refund)


    Lafuma has chosen to discontinue its exchange policy and replace it with a refund policy (back to the same payment method) in order to be consistent with most e-commerce sites and to simplify the procedure.

    This means that no more exchanges can take place. If you would like a different size, you are kindly invited to submit your returns request to us and to place a new order


    As soon as our logistics department receives your return and it has been accepted, a refund will be requested using the same payment method. If you paid with a gift card, you will receive an email with a second gift card with the same value of the returned goods. This card is valid for one year.

    Refund not received

    Refunds for returned items will be issued immediately upon receipt and verification of the return. If you have not yet received a confirmation of the return by e-mail, please check the shipping status of your package using the tracking number.
    If you've already received an email confirming receipt of your return, the refund will be visible on your bank account shortly.

    How de we calculate and distribute gift cards and loyalty points?

    If you paid with a gift card, the discount will be applied equally to all items in your order.
    For example, if you bought 3 items and their prices (before using the gift card) were as follows :

    • Jacket 1 for € 240
    • Jacket 2 for € 240
    • Hat for € 20

    Total value = € 500. If you have now benefited from a gift card code, then € 20 will be deducted from the total value of the order = € 480

    The € 20 discount will be distributed proportionally to your order. In the case of a return, the calculation of your reimbursement is € 230.40 per jacket and € 19.20 for the hat.

    Refund of loyalty points

    If you have used loyalty points, they will be refunded as a priority in the event of a return. If there is still a remaining amount to be refunded after the points have been refunded, you will be refunded to the same payment method.