• Product guarantee

    As stated on our website, our terms and conditions apply to all promotions and to every order.

    At Lafuma, we guarantee you quality products. The guarantee applies should a product prove to be defective due to a manufacturing defect. The legal warranty period is two years (24 months).

    If you purchased your item from one of our retailers (a shop or online), you must return your item to your authorised Lafuma retailer, accompanied by the sales receipt as proof of warranty (for a return to a shop).

    If you purchased your item from our online store, please follow the free return procedure.

  • Choose the right size for Lafuma items

    Not sure ?

    Find your Lafuma size by checking your measurements on our size guide.

    For climbing shoes, we recommend that you choose the same size as your regular shoes.

  • Finding lafuma products

    You can find Lafuma items in stores near you, in our online shop or on our distributors' websites. To find stores near you, simply visit our outlets section. Some items may be created for special occasions and may not be available for further sale. It is also possible that the item you are looking for is from an old collection and may no longer be available.

    How can I keep up to date with Lafuma news ?

    • You can follow Lafuma on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and stay up to date with our daily news.
    • You can subscribe to the newsletter by completing this form.
    • You can read our blog to keep up with the latest news about the brand and technical advice.
    • To follow Lafuma’s video news, go to our YouTube channel


  • The product is no longer under warranty

    We can provide you with a quote for repair if this is possible.

    Shipping is at the customer's expense, unless we cannot repair your item.

  • After sales repair-prices

    What repairs can we do for you?

    • Change of zips/closures.
    • Repair of holes, snags, tears, seams.
    • Replacement of snaps.
    • Replacement of Velcro.
    • Replacement of welding bands.
    • Replacement of our markings/logos.
    • Fitting of buttock reinforcements, trouser bottom reinforcements.
    • Others: to be studied.

    What are our repair times?

    Upon receipt of the product (and payment for the repair if out of warranty), the product will be returned within a maximum of 15 days.

    How can I have my products repaired?

    If you have made a purchase on our Lafuma.com website, contact our customer service department to have your product repaired. If you purchased a Millet product from one of our retailers, contact the retailer where you made your purchase.

    Repair prices

    ZIP – ZIP CURSOR FROM 20 TO 93 €
    Main zipper slider 20€
    Pocket zipper slider 30€
    Zipper invisible fly 41€
    Fly zipper – laminated 93€
    Fly zipper – other 62€
    Central zipper - fleece 62€
    Central zipper - laminated 3 layers/down 72€
    Central zipper - laminated lined 83€
    Central zipper - thread laminated
    or complete zipper leg pants
    or pocket zipper


    SEAM – HOLE – SNA FROM 20 TO 72 €
    Patch – laminate 20€
    Patch – down and other materia 30€
    Badge – wadding 30€
    Fabric – laminated 3 laye 51€
    Fabric – 2 layers laminated / feather down and wadding 72€
    Seam 30€
    Sleeve bottom bias 26€


    Visible snap button 20€
    Snap button with an invisible part 30€


    VELCRO FROM 62 TO 72 €
    Velcro x 2 62€
    Velcro clamping bracket x2 72€


    Collar/ Hood 41€
    Other part 72€




    Backside reinforcement 51€
    Trousers reinforcements 72€
    Snow skirt 93€


    Other repairs can be done on request.
    We will soon be able to provide you with details of possible repairs and a price list for our backpacks and shoes.

  • Repairing a GORE-TEX membrane

    The Lafuma after-sales service department needs to carry out an expert appraisal to determine whether a repair is possible.

    For small holes, you can purchase a ready-to-use Gore-Tex membrane repair kit. Full information is available on the GORE-TEX brand's website.

  • Re-waterproofing a GORE-TEX jacket

    The water resistance of a jacket can change after several washes or repeated friction. This is normal and can be easily remedied. There are several types of products to restore waterproofing:
    ● Washing machine products (to be placed in your washing machine with your jacket).
    ● Spray products, which we recommend you buy from our partner NST.

    Ask your retailer for more information, or read the GORE-TEX recommendations on their website.